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Beautiful Angus has been with us since the 15th of March 2019! Angus is a neutered male Angora rabbit so will need grooming on a regular basis. Anguss breed is also prone to heat exhaustion, and could suffer a range of ailments throughout his life. Angus is nervous and skittish in nature, so needs time to settle and a chance to bond with an individual. Angus would need to be rehomed as an indoor rabbit, but is able to have exercise in a run outside in the spring /summer time (preferably evenings when its cooler), his breathing will need to be monitored, and he should have plenty of shade in the run, and to always have access to water. Ideally the home we are looking for, for Angus is an experienced owner that has had experience of Angoras before. He is able to be rehomed with children of primary school age, and could possibly be slowly bonded with a neutered female. Angus came into our care due to the previous owners allergies, so ideally we would like him to be rehomed with people who are willing to deal with their allergies, or individuals who are not allergic.
Age: 1 year 7 months.
Breed: Angora Rabbit
Colour: White
Sex: Male
Coat: Long
Size: Medium
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