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Adoption Criteria & Process


Once we have received your completed adoption questionnaire (link below), a member of staff will go through your form with you to check that all details are filled in. Also, this will help us to determine if the chosen animal is a suitable match.

Meet & Greet

Once both parties agree on the chosen animal, an opportunity to meet and socialise with the animal will be arranged, and you will be able to talk to the staff that work with the chosen animal and ask any questions voice any concerns you may have.

If you and the animal get along well, you will have the option to put the animal on reserve, meaning we will hold the animal * for you until the point of adoption. If you are happy with the animal, but can't put it on a full reserve, we can put it on a provisional reserve for you (For example: if other family members need to meet the animal, you need to bring your dog to meet them).

*Please Note:
We will only put a provisional reserve on for a maximum of 48 hours, and a full reserve for a maximum of 1 week, unless we specifically state otherwise.

Home Visit

A home visitor from the branch will contact you to arrange a date and time for the home visit to be carried out. The home visitors are all volunteers, and you will be contacted by them directly to make an appointment that suits both you and them.

We will then call to inform you of the outcome of the home visit, and to arrange an appointment to go through the adoption and collect your new pet.


When you come to collect your new pet, please make sure you bring any necessary items with you (such as collar and lead, cat carrier, etc). We do stock a range of pet products at the centre, and we also have a dog tag engraving machine. The cats and dogs at the centre are fed on James Wellbeloved which we also sell.

We will go through the adoption paperwork with you, provide you with all the information you will need about your new pet, and answer any additional questions you may have.

You and your new pet will then be ready to start your life together!

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